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Author: Christopher Corke

Why the big smile on his face? Christopher Corke finally has a website to show off his skills. Being born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, he is very proud of his hometown. Unfortunately he isn't a big fan of the hometown team the Ottawa Senators, but instead the Boston Bruins. Many people can't figure out why. In his free time , he loves to workout and play on recreational sport teams. Christopher has the ability to binge watch television shows on Netiflix on the weekends, which he feels is a great way to unwind. What makes Christopher special is his skills in e-learning and video. With his knowledge in adobe suite products, he can harness the power to help you with your next project. Besides, you have to love the big guy's smile.

It’s Christmas!

With Christmas coming up soon, there are tons of Christmas music to get you in the mood. There is one Christmas song that I love, that most people never heard of. It’s called “It’s Christmas” by Andrew. This song has … Continue Reading It’s Christmas!

Game Smash – Podcast

I have some friends who decided to start a gaming podcast.  Show them some love and give them a listen. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a guest on the podcast.  

Grinding Away

It has been awhile since I written a new blog. I have been busy with trying to finish up the rest of my move cross country. To top it off, I have a school project that has been turned into … Continue Reading Grinding Away


Of late I have been listening to this singer named Elliphant. Really enjoy her style of music, which get me pumped while I work or exercise. She has collaborated with Diplo who I think is an amazing DJ. You should … Continue Reading Elliphant