One Simple Way to Stay Busy in Self Isolation

Being in quarantine can be a little tough. Some days you feel like you have seen everything on Netflix. We know that is impossible with all the content that they provide. Unfortunately, it feels like that on some days. One thing that I have been doing to help fight off the boredom is doing online courses.

I want to improve myself by learning more in my career. One online course that I use is I am able to get free access through the Calgary public library. This has been very helpful, especially right now. On, there are many courses that will help improve your skills. Such as Adobe Suite, Auto Cad and Articulate Storyline.

Career Learning Path
You wan to become a manager? There is a course on

Personally, I believe choosing a learning path is the best way to use this site. By choosing a learning path, you will have a selection of courses from industry expert that will teach and inspire you. This has been useful for my career. Also, I have done some learning paths that doesn’t fit into my career, but are interesting topics to learn. Once you finish a learning path, you can post the certificate onto Linkedin and show off your accomplishment.

Learning Path Courses
A step by step of courses to complete your Learning Path

It might be a while before life goes back to normal, but taking an online course might help during our situation. Give Lynda a try or the many free online courses that have now become available. This might be a great opportunity to improve your skills.



3 responses to “One Simple Way to Stay Busy in Self Isolation”

  1. Thanks for this recommendation. The courses look in line with the industry and would be really good for me.

    1. A lot of the courses on have helped me. Especially, the E-learning designer courses. I highly recommend taking a look at their lessons.

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