Getting back with Nature

Looking up at BC Sky

Your mental well being is important. Especially, since we are living through the pandemic. How are we going to pay our bills, will I get COVID or will I still have a job? These questions has consumed our lives. I can tell you that I did go through this process. I had fears that seem to grow each day. At times, I was afraid to go outside. Since summer has rolled around, I did subdue some of my fears.

My wife and I wanted to get away, so we rented a cabin in the woods. The Cabin was in British Columbia. That area of the province has beautiful mountains and forest that I believe is unmatched.

Mountains in BC

During our stay in the mountains, we went on hikes to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We sat near the fire while having some drinks. Just listening to the sounds of nature, relaxed my mind from the fears that seem to be gripping me.

Fire pit in BC
Relaxing by a fire

While on this trip, I was able to talk to my wife about how I was feeling. We discuss all about the fears we were having during this pandemic. I realize from our conversation that everything thing was going to be okay. Our bills were being paid and if I do lose my job, it did not define me. We were going to make it.

On this trip, I realize that talking about my doubts with someone else helps. It is a burden to carry this around by yourself. I’m so fortunate to have a wife that is caring and always willing to listen.

I know that not everyone has someone to talk with. Here are some resources to help you find someone to communicate with.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline (open 24/7): 1-800-273-8255.

United Way Helpline (which can help you find a therapist, healthcare, or basic necessities): 1-800-233-4357


4 responses to “Getting back with Nature”

  1. Yeah that’s true ! Sometimes it’s better to talk to someone. Great post

    1. Talking to someone is very helpful. Thank you for the comment!

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