Goal Creating in Isolation

While in isolation, I have been watching a lot of shows on Netflix. Other times, I have been on online getting lost in the countless YouTube videos. My days have been blended into each other. The reason is because I was laid off. After a few days, it got me thinking. This is the perfect time to set some goals.

I started to plan out my 1, 5 and 10 year goals that I want to do. I recently, listen to Dorie Clark. She is a marketing and a strategy consultant. I know that a lot of  these life coaches can be unbearable. I tend to find them a bit of a turn off. What I will say is that some of them do have some great points.

I decided to give Dorie Clark’s philosophy a try. What I like is the planning of monthly goals to reach my yearly goals. This has helped me to focus. It is very easy to do and not a stressful process.

I’m going to share some of my goals but not all. The reason is that they are personal to me.

Year One Goal: I would like to be a multimedia designer in eLearning. I did work on an eLearning program at Football Canada and would like to focus on sports again.

A monthly goal: Learn more about eLearning techniques like gamification which I have been doing.

It is a tiny sample of my goals, but it is a thought out list that I created for myself.

It will be hard trying to follow my goals. At times, it will be frustrating.  As long as I try to accomplish them, I will feel proud of myself.


3 responses to “Goal Creating in Isolation”

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the love.

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