Yoga in Isolation

Some might have noticed that they have been gaining a little weight during the isolation. Maybe you’re eating a little more or have a couple of adult beverages to pass the time. Some people have been calling it the quarantine fifteen. It’s understandable since there isn’t much to do at home. Usually I keep myself busy by playing recreational basketball. Unfortunately, the virus has postponed the season. The one thing that I’m doing to stay fit is yoga…….DDP Yoga.

I downloaded the app and paid for the year subscription. The subscription allows me to use the app on four devices. The features on the app are:

MY PROGRAM – This section has a 13 week schedule of different workouts. There are three different levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.

WORKOUTS – There are many different workouts to choose from. There is no schedule and you  can go about it at your own pace.

TRACKER – This section keeps track of your progress, such as calories burn and weight loss.

NUTRITION – Videos of different recipes that will teach you about healthy eating.

DDP TV – Documentaries of DDP helping people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. 


Yoga to be fit
The Dashboard of DDP Yoga

Personally, I use the “My Program” feature. I like having a weekly schedule to help me strengthen my muscles and improve my flexibility. I found that using the immediate workout schedule, I was able to lose 12 pounds in a month. I will say that I have cut out refine sugar in my diet, which is making a big difference. By doing this workout, I feel great and I will be in great shape for recreational basketball. Whenever that starts.

There are many ways to stay fit during this time. There are free YouTube programs and websites that can help you fight off the pounds. I suggest trying out DDP Yoga or find a program that fits your needs. You have nothing to lose. 

Here is a link to DDP Yoga.

Here is a bio of DDP.

DAREBEE – This is a great website to find a workout for yourself.


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