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Can you just win one game?

The NFL experience was something I enjoy for years. On a Sunday, I get with a couple of buddies before the kick off. We would wear our team colours, shouting at each other about why our team is the best  as the testosterone level… Continue Reading “Can you just win one game?”

Nothing like an S Club party!

Music can move the soul with a simple beat. When the right song comes on, we will turn it up and shake our head to the beat. What happens when that song is something that some people frown upon. It may be a song… Continue Reading “Nothing like an S Club party!”

Where did the time fly, Myspace.

It’s a big world out there and social media moves at a rapid pace. One needs to stay on top of all the crazy social programs that keeps on popping up. Call me old fashion, but I miss the days when it all moved… Continue Reading “Where did the time fly, Myspace.”

All aboard the Instagram train

I like to think that when new apps come out, I’ll download them within a heartbeat. I wouldn’t make judgments on them before I get a little taste of the new app. If I hate it, I’ll just delete it. It is a simple… Continue Reading “All aboard the Instagram train”

I love me some Red Blacks!

I always felt that there was something missing in the city of Ottawa. The summer months can be boring and extremely hot. For me, this would lead to pent up energy that I would need to release. Then on July 18, 2014, football came… Continue Reading “I love me some Red Blacks!”