Can you just win one game?

The NFL experience was something I enjoy for years. On a Sunday, I get with a couple of buddies before the kick off. We would wear our team colours, shouting at each other about why our team is the best  as the testosterone level goes through the roof. The healthy mix of beers, wings and nachos  just added to our Sunday ritual. The teasing was done in good fun and it’s an awesome day of watching football. The truth is I haven’t been able to enjoy myself watching football for a long time. I’m the one who has received the most laughter of my friends on a weekly basis. My Sundays as a Raiders fan has been nothing but misery.

I understand that people will say that there is more to life than football or sports in general. Those people are right. Yet in my world, I like to cheer on teams that I feel that I can identify with. Unfortunately, in football, I chose the Oakland Raiders. Now I’m starting to wonder why I even picked this team. I know as a youngster, I was drawn to the silver and black, there was mystic about that team that felt like I shouldn’t cheer for these bad boys. Once I saw Bo Jackson play, I was a fan of the team. Now they are just a horrible team. Management has done nothing to improve the team for the last 10 years. The coaching staff doesn’t seem to care anymore and it is showing on the players. The black hole has become the place where happiness goes to die.  Every year the Raiders organization tries to build hope in their fan base and we fall for it. Everyone else knows that they are going to suck except us Raiders fans.  I’m starting to find it hard to cheer for this team that wasting my time and it actually hurts me. I want them to win so badly, but they always find new ways to lose.

I know that I’m venting here because my team lost again in horrible fashion, but I’m tired of how this team is being run. I wish that real changes would happen for the Oakland Raiders. I want there to be a glimmer of hope for this team. Yet, something inside of me is saying don’t fall into the same trap again. For once I like to see my team actually have a winning record, but then again, I wish that I could play the piano.  I have a feeling that I can accomplish playing the piano sooner than an Oakland Raiders victory.


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