Saturday Morning Sugar Rush

Sugar crisp rules! I can pound back bowls of that cereal down my mouth and not get sick of it. I love the taste of Sugar Crisp even if it’s loaded with tons of sugar. It’s not like I’m going to live forever, so I better enjoy life while I can. Last weekend when I was crushing a bowl of Sugar Crisp, I realize that there were no more Saturday morning cartoons to go with my sugar rush. This left an empty feeling and the sad truth of Saturday mornings now.

Recently an article on Gizmodo wrote about how it was the end of Saturday morning cartoons on the weekend or a block of animation for broadcast television. I found it disappointing because I remember sitting in front of the television and eating my cereal, while enjoying some of the great cartoons from the 80’s like Transformers generation 1 or G.I. Joe.  I would get sucked in the product placement that they would have for the shows and beg my parents to get me the toys. Hey, I was just kid. I know that there are Specialty channels for cartoons or Netflix that can quench that thirst.

I guess it’s not a big deal in my life now, on Saturdays I’m usually recovering from a hangover. Also, most old Saturday morning cartoons don’t hold up now, but it does bring back some nice memories.  At least no one can take away my Sugar Crisp.


Here are two great articles about Saturday Morning Cartoons from Gizmodo.

This is the First Weekend in America with no Saturday morning cartoons.


Saturday morning cartoons aren’t dead. They’re everywhere, all the time.


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