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Who said driving is a daisy?

2015 has arrived and for me it brings in some major changes in my life. I have finally moved to Calgary, Alberta to begin my new adventures. I’m super excited, but do have to admit that the final days of 2014 felt like a… Continue Reading “Who said driving is a daisy?”

It’s Christmas!

With Christmas coming up soon, there are tons of Christmas music to get you in the mood. There is one Christmas song that I love, that most people never heard of. It’s called “It’s Christmas” by Andrew. This song has been around for a… Continue Reading “It’s Christmas!”

Poor Kitty: A Cat First Ride On A Plane

To earn someone trust is an amazing thing. They know that they could count on you for anything. Just knowing the fact that people rely on you can be comforting. What happens when you lose that trust, you have no way of communicating about… Continue Reading “Poor Kitty: A Cat First Ride On A Plane”

How The Heck Did I Miss Steps?

A big move is coming into my life, and I’m packing up all my stuff to move across country.  I have been listening to Songza to soothe the torture of packing my stuff up. Of course I decided to listen to cheesy pop music… Continue Reading “How The Heck Did I Miss Steps?”

Raccoons always win.

Nature has a funny way of kicking me right in the crotch. Being fall, this usually means that the leaves will change colours, the autumn breeze will start to chill us right to the bones and this will signal the sign that winter is… Continue Reading “Raccoons always win.”