Nothing like an S Club party!

Music can move the soul with a simple beat. When the right song comes on, we will turn it up and shake our head to the beat. What happens when that song is something that some people frown upon. It may be a song that is not hip to the mass audience out there, but for some reason it still moves our soul. What happens when the music comes from a manufacture band from the late nineties. All I can say is for some strange reason I rediscovered the power of S Club 7.

Sure, it might be weird that a grown black man would be in a trance with the music of S Club 7 in the year 2014. The thing is I’m a sucker for cheesy pop music. I don’t really want to call it that, but most people would and I think it’s wrong. I would call this fun pop. It is the type of music that is safe with a catchy medley. S Club 7 brings it to the forefront with their music. When I hear the song S Club party, I want to be part of it. I start to feel the rhythm going throughout my body, taking control. Without thinking I begin to sing along with the music. Do I look like a fool? Who cares, I enjoy the voice of Jo while Rachael, Hannah, Paul, Tina, Bradley and Jon give support to make the song incredible. That’s right, I think the song is incredible.

I know that you may think I have poor taste in music, but that is okay. I can sleep at night knowing that I’m one of their fans and I’m finally admitting to it.  Recently there are rumours that the gang is back together and planning a reunion tour. I know the tour is going to be fun because there ain’t no party like a S Club party.

Check out the groovy sound of S Club 7.


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