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I Got One Thing Off the Bucket List.

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” Earl Nightingale   That quote sums up my journey of making my short film. The time that I spent writing the script and working with different… Continue Reading “I Got One Thing Off the Bucket List.”

Salute to the Crew

Moving was simple, but starting from scratch is the hard part. It has been a couple of weeks since I moved to Calgary with my wife. I will admit that this new beginning is exciting, still there is a part of me that is… Continue Reading “Salute to the Crew”

Hot Gravy, Cheese Curds and Fries to get the Blood Pumping.

Gravy, fries and cheese curds are a recipe for awesomeness. Put all these ingredients ¬†together and you get a meal called a poutine.¬† It might look like a mess, yet it tastes so good. But what happens when some bold people decide to change… Continue Reading “Hot Gravy, Cheese Curds and Fries to get the Blood Pumping.”

I love me some Red Blacks!

I always felt that there was something missing in the city of Ottawa. The summer months can be boring and extremely hot. For me, this would lead to pent up energy that I would need to release. Then on July 18, 2014, football came… Continue Reading “I love me some Red Blacks!”