Hot Gravy, Cheese Curds and Fries to get the Blood Pumping.

Gravy, fries and cheese curds are a recipe for awesomeness. Put all these ingredients  together and you get a meal called a poutine.  It might look like a mess, yet it tastes so good. But what happens when some bold people decide to change up the formula to the poutine. What you end up with is an event called Poutine Fest.

Once I heard about Poutine Fest, I thought of it as a lame way to ride the coat tails of Rib Fest. BBQ ribs is an art form. From creating the sauce, right down to BBQing the ribs at the perfect temperature. Which brings me to the point of what can you really do with a poutine?  Well, Poutine Fest put in my place. The vendors were some of the most creative people that could do more to a poutine than I could. Different meats were being used, along with different types of gravy which included cheese sauce. One vendor used ramen noodles instead of fries. Since I live with a vegetation, I was going for poutine with a lot of meat in it. Like a sun ray bursting through the clouds, the one called the ultimate poutine grabbed my attention. It was fries, topped off with popcorn chicken, shredded beef and bacon. They sprinkle it with cheese curds and pour gravy all over it. It was so good that I became change man. I now see the art in Poutine.

That day I punished my heart, but treated my taste buds to something amazing. Now I appreciate Poutine Fest, before I would mock it, but now it opens my eyes to some creative people. If you are ever in Ottawa and the Festival is going on, check it out. Just be prepared to take some years off your life.

Click on the picture to get a good look at the ultimate poutine.

Ultimate Poutine


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