Salute to the Crew

Moving was simple, but starting from scratch is the hard part. It has been a couple of weeks since I moved to Calgary with my wife. I will admit that this new beginning is exciting, still there is a part of me that is missing a piece of my old life. It really kicked in when I was walking along the Bow river and taking pictures. I find doing some photography to be fun and rewarding experience.  When I was bending down to take some pictures of magpie birds, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I miss my family and friends back home.

As a  guy, I know that I’m not suppose to show feeling. I should suck it up and accept that this is part of life. Yet, when I reminisce about back home, I feel a little sad. Sure, there is Facebook, texting or making  a simple phone call to keep in touch. Still, the interaction of being with friends and having a good time is something that I miss. I’m not going to lie, but when this feeling kicks in, the S Club 7 song  “Say Goodbye” comes into my head. Yes, I have a guilty pleasure about the group.

Some of the things that I missed was hanging out with my good buddies that I knew for a long time. We watched any sports game that was on, we would either go to a bar or chill out at someone home. Beers would happen to make it into the equation as we talk about back in the day. Hell, we would plan guy trips to get away from our wives or girlfriends. It was just an excuse to party like madmen, and I really miss those good times.

It wasn’t just guy friends that I was close with, I miss my lady friends who helped me become a better man. Nora Ephron had a quote that she said, “As Harry put it, men and women can never be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.” She wasn’t wrong in saying that, because it does happen. Nothing ever did happen between my friends, which I’m thankful, because friendships would have been destroyed and my wife would have ended my life. The ladies and would get together to chat up a storm about things, which I really mean is gossip about work. On Friday nights, we drink wine and watch YouTube videos. We head out to pubs as they tried to pick up, but I ended being a block because I happen to be the only guy in the group. I would give them advice about men, but they never listen to it. Yet, anything that they told me about women, I have used it on my wife. I learnt that listening actually works. To this group I was like the brother or the gay friend who wasn’t gay.

I miss a lot of my good friends, at least I have my best friend who happens to be my wife with me. I still try to keep connected to my old friends, because I don’t want to lose those friendships that I built over the years. I feel good getting that off my chest, now I’m ready to start my new beginning.


I finally understand this song and I have no shame about it.



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