I love me some Red Blacks!

I always felt that there was something missing in the city of Ottawa. The summer months can be boring and extremely hot. For me, this would lead to pent up energy that I would need to release. Then on July 18, 2014, football came back to the nation’s capital with its new team the Red Blacks. This was the outlet that I needed to release the energy that I had inside.  The best part is they didn’t disappoint.

Heading down to Lansdowne Park, you could feel the energy. Each block that I walked by the crowd would increase and the anticipation would build. Once I arrive at Lansdowne Park, the first place I went to was the Cow Palace. That is where they were holding a tailgate party to show their appreciation to the fans. At the party, there was live music where you can have an adult beverage or two to cool off in the sun. On a personal note, I may have gone well above two beverages, but it was worth it. It was coming close to kickoff, so I had to rush to my seat. Fighting my way through the crowd, I was able to get to my seat on the north side. After waiting for a bit, the Red Blacks step onto the field. The crowd erupted with excitement. The sight of seeing our team back in Ottawa was a feeling of gratification. The team responded to the fans’ energy. The battle with Toronto was a nail biter and it came down to a field goal, to see the Red Blacks win. After the game there was more partying going on back at the Cow Palace. The party went late into the night, but who wouldn’t want to celebrate a victory like that. The whole experience was amazing.

It was good to see the city of Ottawa celebrate the return of football. It was something that was missing for way too long. The Red Blacks are a team that we should be proud of and I can’t wait till the next game to cheer them on, while having some adult beverages to cool off in the sun.


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