Puppy Spark!

Once in awhile there is a moment that can change your life forever. I can say with all honesty that moment hasn’t happened to me this weekend, but I can say that something did happen to cause me to put my life into perspective. I realize that there is something that’s missing in my life. My wife and cat are awesome to me, I couldn’t imagine going through life without them. Still, there is something missing. Well, this weekend I figure it out. A sweet puppy named Cooper is what I’m missing in my life.

How can you not fall in love with this little guy.
How can you not fall in love with this little guy.
Gearing up for his walk.
Gearing up for his walk.

This weekend we got to babysit a friend’s puppy. This dog was so adorable and all he wanted to do was play. I couldn’t help, but oblige to the Cooper’s desire. We went for a walk near the lake where he more than happy to explore. When other dogs came around, he had to run towards them and get to know them better. We were out for hours and I’m surprised that his little legs were able to keep him out so long.

Tired out from his walk.
Tired out from his walk.

I have always been a big dog kind of person, but I live in a condo. I personally think big dogs need  a lot more room than what I have. Now that I spent time with a lap dog, my mind has changed towards them. My wife has been pushing for a dog and now  I’m giving in. I can wait to welcome a new addition to the family.


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    1. Christopher Corke Avatar
      Christopher Corke

      Thanks! I love this little guy.

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