Thanks a lot Lara Croft!

Tomb Raider, the game that has taken over my life right now. The past two weeks I have been slacking a bit because of this game. The thing about the latest Tomb Raider game is that it’s fun as hell to play, and it’s dragging me along for the ride. Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to give this game away for free on X-box live. They didn’t care that I have a wife that I love so much or a cat that needed to be fed and cuddle. Microsoft wanted to throw me into the adventure with Lara Croft as we discover the secret of the island of Yamatai. The best part is that I love it.

I don’t need to review this game because there are my reviews for the latest Tomb Raider game. Most of them are positive reviews and I can see why. Unfortunately, they could put a warning saying that this was going to be so addictive.


I am so locked into this game, that time is pasting me by. I would notice that hours have gone by because I’m so into this story. My wife would just shake her head and I swear the cat is judging me with her eyes.


What can I do? I feel I can’t leave Lara Croft in a predicament, it just doesn’t seem right. I need guide her out of her situation. Going outside can wait, looking for adventure comes first.


One thing that I notice playing this game is my timing off. Father time is creeping in and the first thing he is taking is my video game reflexes. Certain situations in the game which would have taken me one try to finish is now taking me multiple times to complete. I miss the kid in me that was lightening fast at video games, but now I struggle to time my button mashing through quick time events. Even the many  miscalculate jumps have caused me so much grief. I hate to admit it, but gaming might be pasting me by. Still, I will not give up my quest to finish Tomb Raider, stupid male pride.


All I can say is I’m having a blast playing Tomb Raider. Thank you Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics for making a fun game, even if I’m late to the party.  I know my wife shakes her fist at the sight of me playing, but she understands that because she is a gamer herself. Until I finish, I will step outside again.


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    Just played this game again and I still love it!

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