Raccoons always win.

Nature has a funny way of kicking me right in the crotch. Being fall, this usually means that the leaves will change colours, the autumn breeze will start to chill us right to the bones and this will signal the sign that winter is coming. As luck would have it, my fall is the start of a battle with a family of raccoons.

Now I know that urban raccoon can be quite troublesome.  These little critters are crafty as they hunt for their food to survive. I never thought much about raccoons until they decided to make my garbage their next meal. Thus began our battle. These raccoons would knock down my garbage can and rip the bags apart, trying to search for food. The mess was unbearable and a pain in my ass to clean. I thought I would be smart and get a garbage can with locks on it. At first it kept them at bay as they would knock the garbage can down, but nothing would come out. Soon they came up with a plan, the raccoons chew the locks off to get it open. They got their food and to pour salt in my wounds, one of them made sure to leave me a surprise next to the shredded garbage bags. Now I’m going to move from that place. It may seem like it because of the raccoons, but it is for a totally different reason. Yet, something inside of me thinks that the raccoons won our little battle.

For the next people that move in, I hope that they don’t have to go through the misery of dealing with the family of raccoons. It was a never ending battle, which had me losing all of the time. The funny thing is I am kind of going to miss those little buggers.

A great article about urban raccoons.


I wish the raccoons were more like this.


2 responses to “Raccoons always win.”

  1. Gotta love those wild animals that invade our space. I’d saved some plastic milk cartons in a back shed, looked out the window yesterday and saw a squirrel dragging them outside. What he planned to do with them I have no idea.

    1. Christopher Corke Avatar
      Christopher Corke

      I’ve actually watched a squirrel dragging one of the torn garbage bags and wonder what the heck it was thinking.

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