Springtime Along The River

The weather has been great this weekend. I can say that spring has finally arrived and it’s about time. To enjoy this great weather, I had to grab my camera and walk along the Bow river. I did take some pictures while the sun was beating down on me, but I love it. I’m just happy that spring has arrived and here are some pictures that I took along the river.

bow_river_bridge_03 (1 of 1)



bow_river_bridge_02 (1 of 1)


flying_duck_01 (1 of 1)


goose_04 (1 of 1)

flying_duck_02 (1 of 1)




2 responses to “Springtime Along The River”

  1. Very impressed with your photographs… the Bow River is beautiful. One of my favorite parts of Calgary!

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    1. Thanks for like the pictures.

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