Saying Yes To Roller Skating

Sometimes you need to do things that are not in your comfort zone. I like to pride myself that I will try new things. Yet, the older that I get, my comfort zone is beginning to shrink. I believe that my time is precious  and the possibility of getting hurt has made me think twice about trying new things. Once in awhile, there is something that seems to creep in through my comfort zone and gets me to do something that I never thought I would do. That thing for me was roller skating.

To me roller skating has been irrelevant for years. Going down to your local roller rink to jam out to music seem so 70’s. Sure inline skating is still popular, but this guy wants nothing to do with it. When a couple of people took me to the roller rink on the weekend, it totally caught me off guard. It was like my stubbornness disappeared and a voice in my head was telling me to give it a shot.

The rink that we went to is called Llodys. I believe that this place has been around forever in the city of Calgary.  I really have no idea about the history of this place and I don’t feel like researching it. Once we got there and pay our way to get in, I couldn’t believe the crowd. The place was packed with people having a good time. Everything that I believe about roller rinks were thrown out the window. What surprise me the most is how the kids were taking command of the rink, showing off their moves and projected their confidence to everyone. On top of that, most of the kids had no helmet, knee pads or elbow pads on. It was like a throwback to the 80’s, where parents weren’t concerned about concussion. If you fall, they would tell you to walk it off.

This is what I wanted to look like roller skating.
This is what I wanted to look like roller skating.

I wasn’t going to look like a chump in front of these kids. I went to the counter and got myself a pair of old school roller skates. I channel the energy of the 70’s as I descend onto the rink. Once the wheels of the roller skate touched the hardwood floor, that’s when I realize that I don’t know how to roller skate. I struggle to gain my balance, it was like my legs wanted to go in two different directions. I had no choice, but to hold on to the railing. Kids would skate pass me, snickering at the fact that a grown man was scared for his life.  I had to gain my composure and create the illusion that I can skate. I let go of the railing, but my body somehow prefers the floor. I’m sure that I was great entertainment for a family that was eating on the other side of the railing.

This is what I wanted to look like roller skating.
This is what I wanted to look like roller skating.

Still, I wasn’t ashamed of my lack of skills that I had for roller skating. I gave it my best shot even if it was only twenty minutes. I will admit that it was kind of fun, even if didn’t bring out the coolness in me. I’m happy that I extended my comfort zone, it made me realize that I should really try new things again, even if I’m horrible at it.  For now, I think I will put roller skating on hold as my injuries heal.

I had to post this video about roller skating, it’s priceless.


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