Teen Witch – A Shot of 80’s Cool

After draining all my energy  into finishing Tomb Raider, I needed to level out. I did go outside to get some fresh air and was happy to see that the snow is slowly going away. It seems like forever since I saw grass. All I can say is spring can’t come soon enough. I decided to watch some movies on Netflix to unwind. Scrolling through all the movies, one caught my eye. It was like the clouds have parted as a ray of light hit the television screen,  a voice in my head said “Chris, you must watch Teen Witch.”

I pressed play to start the movie and my mind was blown away. This gem of a movie from the 80’s is about a girl named Louise who wants to date the popular guy named Brad. Yes, the popular guy’s name is Brad. She eventually finds out that she is a witch and can use her powers to become popular. Like every teenage movie, there is always a price for popularity and it’s really about the journey to discover about one true self.

Nothing like being popular.
Nothing like being popular.

The thing is I don’t care that much about the story, it’s really about how this movie came together. This movie starts off like a music video, which seem to last forever. The crazy thing is that there are tons of musical sequences and I don’t think this movie was described as a musical. All of the music embodies that cheesy  80’s style with that hint of saxophone playing in the background. The best music sequence has to be the rap scene. To top it off, the dancing is on another level.

Funky dancing moves.
Funky dancing moves.

You would think that there would be a bully student towards Louise in this movie, but there really isn’t. The bully happens to be the teacher. This teacher is unbelievably mean to her that it is actually comical. I think the script writer hated one of their teachers in high school because it really shows in the movie.

What really makes this movie special is the fact that bad editing makes the storyline weird. Characters are not fully flush out and you scratch your head wondering what the hell is happening. There are some really bad dialogue, and acting in this movie. For me, this what makes this movie awesome. It tried to be funny and it actually worked. I really hope that they were trying to be funny, I hate to think that they were trying to make something serious here.

I miss teenage troubles.
I miss teenage troubles.

Teen Witch has become a  cult classic like the Room. I’m sure the producers wanted to make a teen classic that will be remembered and they hit the bull’s eye. Maybe not for the reason that they thought. I really appreciate that I got to discover this gem, I needed a laugh and Teen Witch has given it to me. Now I’m forcing this on my friends and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Thanks Netflix for having Teen Witch.


The best 80’s rap ever!


Even the trailer is awesome.


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