Demo Reel

After Effect – Water Color 

I wanted to try using water colors in After Effect. This was done from scratch and this 10 second video is the final result.

Short Film Example

This is a scene from a short film that I worked on. I did the editing and color correction, using Adobe Premiere Pro.


This is a trailer that I design for a short film that I wrote and edited.

Corky Bloom Promo Video

This stop motion video was created by using Adobe After Effects, and the music was edited in Adobe Audition. The feel of the video was to capture the style of what a child would design with paper and a scissor.

Music from Free Music Archive.

Caballo – Not Feelin da Vibe

Music Video

Edited this video to give it a vintage look through Adobe Premiere. I was playing around with color grading and flow of video.

Corky Bloom Promo Video 2

This was created in Adobe After Effects. Music is from Free Music Archive.
Yusuke_Tsutsumi_-_To The Sea

Corky Bloom Promo Video 3

This was created in Adobe After Effects. Music is from Free Music Archive.

After Effects – Beat

I made the text move with the drum beat of the song.

Client Project

This intro was created using Adobe After effects for a client.

Client Project 2

This closing video was created with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audition for a client.

AOC – Coaching Tutorial

This video is to show my ability to make smooth edits, to create a tutorial video for coaches. The software that was used to edit this video are Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.

Mock Trailer

As a group project in school, we had to make a mock trailer. The video quality could be better, but my use of Adobe Creative Suite helped out. I used After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audition on this trailer. This project showed me how much hard work is involved in filming and post-production.

Mock Weather Report 

I created a mock weather report for a school project. Working with a green screen behind me, I keyed out the green using after effects. The animations were all created using Adobe Illustrator and then animated in After Effects. Now only if my acting could have been fixed with by After Effects…

Mock Promotional Video

I made a mock promotional video for the Boys and Girls club for a school group project.  I used After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audition on this video. I really enjoy filming and post-production.

Savouriness of Chocolate

This video shows my ability to make edits and smooth transitions with music. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video and add in the text into frames. Adobe Audition was used to edit the music. After Effects was used to create the opening title with the help of Photoshop. The video was provided by and the music was from Internet Archive.

Trailer Edit.

With this edit, I adjusted the mood to create the feel of a thriller. I used After Effects to give it a blue tint to make it feel cold. I also used After Effects to make the shine texts and the orb at the end. Premiere Pro was used to cut the video and Audition to edit the music.

Music from FMA (Free Music Archive)

Secret Jane – Nettlevest
Tarred Brigade – You’re a Foreigner

Kinetic Typography

This kinetic typography was created using Adobe After effects and Premiere Pro. I want to keep on trying my hand at this so I can get better. I really enjoy the process and I forward to doing some more.

Song by Mariachi El Bronx

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