Moving Closer To home

Statue in front of the Stampede

It’s time for a big move for my wife and I. We’re leaving Calgary and moving to Toronto. It was something that we planned for a while and now it’s happening. We just wanted to be closer to our family during this hard time. While I am excited for this move, I’m going to miss Calgary.

The past five years that I have spent in Calgary were amazing. Yes, there has been some ups and downs. For example the oil crash here in Alberta, but we were able to enjoy our time here. Here are a few things that I’m going to miss about Alberta.

1.Calgary Stampede – If you want to experience being a cowboy for ten days, the Stampede is it. It’s a celebration of Alberta with live music and cultural events. My favourite was  the many different foods to eat. Everyone should do this event once.

Statue in front of the Stampede
Welcome to the Stampede!


2. Jasper, Alberta – I love this ski town! I recommend coming here for the Dark Sky festival.

Jasper mountain
Just imagine being on here at night, looking at the stars.

3. Banff, Alberta – It might be a tourist town, but it’s the perfect place to get away.

Panoramic view of Sulfur Mountain
Taking the gondola up to the top and looking down in the valley.

4.Drumheller, Alberta – All I can say is dinosaurs. Here is a link to a blog that I wrote about this town.

The world's biggest dinosaur model
The mighty T-Rex

Time went by fast in Calgary with the friends that I made there. When we first arrived in Calgary, I didn’t think we would have the kind of relationship that we had back home. Boy, was I wrong. I was able to find people who I could confide in, and they could do the  same with me. These friendships are what I will miss the most living in Calgary.

I’m sad that I’m leaving Calgary, but I am excited for our new journey. I know I will always have a home in Calgary and I’m grateful for that.



2 responses to “Moving Closer To home”

  1. My family and I just drove across Canada, I’ve been to Calgary once. I love Jasper, I took the Jasper Sky Tram, it’s so cold up there! Wishing all the best on you move! It’s always nice to be close to family!

    1. I love Jasper so much! It is cold in Jasper but at night, it is a beautiful place.

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