Travelling To Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

It’s always great to get away. I would love to travel to places around the world, but instead I have to travel the great land of Canada. This weekend, I was able to go up to the mountains of British Columbia. I really do believe that British Columbia is a beautiful province with amazing sights. One of the places that I went to was Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake in British Columbia
Emerald Lake

The lake was so green and clear. I wish I could stay there forever.

Rainbow at Emerld Lake
There was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Never in my life have I ever seen the end of a rainbow. I thought it was amazing to see.

Mountains of Emerald Lake
A field that was around Emerald Lake

To explore British Columbia has been an experience. Next, I will have to explore the east coast of Canada. I will plan to do that next year.


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