Time To Unwind

Sometimes I get a little drained from doing video editing. I need to unwind and relax. To get back that lost energy, I like to go into my closet to pull out my camera. It’s like saying hello to an old friend.  Living near a river, there are quite a lot of places to take pictures. I just went out and took a few pictures. Hell, I even ended up at the railroad track. I love doing this, especially since it helps me to clear my head.


city (1 of 1)


train_01 (1 of 1)


train_02 (1 of 1)


train_03 (1 of 1)


train_04 (1 of 1)


bridge (1 of 1)



2 responses to “Time To Unwind”

  1. I love the Spring time. Time to unwind before the Summer!

    1. Of course! I have to get that energy back to truly energy the summertime.

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