All aboard the Instagram train

I like to think that when new apps come out, I’ll download them within a heartbeat. I wouldn’t make judgments on them before I get a little taste of the new app. If I hate it, I’ll just delete it. It is a simple process that takes a little work. Yet, sometimes I don’t live by that statement. Being the age of the internet, anything that is new that comes out, right away we have cynicism towards it and the people who enjoy it. Well, after all these years I finally gave in to Instagram.

I know that a lot of you are thinking that the train has passed and it just hasn’t passed me by once, but passed me by a hundred times. The reason I stay away from Instagram was the fact that everyone was doing it. For me to even think that was  strange because when Facebook came out I was on that train in a second. The more I watched everyone taking pictures of their food, cat and selfies, I felt that I didn’t want to be part of that world.

Soon I started to realize that people were having fun. I was acting like the grumpy old man who hated to see the kids play in his yard. I wanted to be part of the fun and most of my friends had it anyway.  My righteous attitude of being against Instagram was thrown out the window and I can say on August 20, 2014 I now have Instagram.

Now I’m a passenger on the Instagram train. My first picture just happens to be a cup of coffee, but I’m sure I’ll have more pictures on it. I did find some interesting people on Instagram like Riff Raff. You should check him out because I think the guy is hilarious. Now that I feel adventurous, maybe I will take the time to finally watch Titanic.


Here is the link to Riff Raff Instagram.


Here is a link to my Instagram.



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