Nearing The Finish Line.

It has been awhile since I have written a blog. I didn’t think in the new year, that I would still be working on my short film. Recently,I have finally finished the edit on the film. Now it’s currently in the hands of the sound and F/X people. What I am doing now, is trying to make some cool intro credits for the film. I will say that my After Effects skill have improved greatly from working on the intro. The journey to complete this film is coming to an end soon. There is a part of me that is sad because the process was so interesting, but relieve that it will be over. I’m just so excited to see the final product.

Also, when I had to look around the net to find a tool to clean up the noise in the video. I happen to stumble on a third party program called Neat Video.  It was very helpful in the process and I really recommend using it.


Here is a link to Neat Video.  Neat Video

Here is a video on the use of using Neat Video.

A Sugar Blast From Saturday Morning Past.

Man, do I miss 80’s cartoons. Also, I’m really lazy to write a new blog.

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Crushing a bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning hasn’t been the same for awhile.  With the lack of cartoons on television on the weekends, it makes a Saturday morning kind of a bummer. Okay, I’ll be honest, there are some cartoons on a Saturday morning, but not the ones I really want to watch. I want to watch the ones that I grew up watching in the 80’s like G. I. Joe or Transformers. Then there are the ones that have disappeared from the minds of the kids of the 80’s. Now that I’m older, I want to experience some of those cartoons that were forgotten.  I did take the time to watch three cartoons that happen to pop into my head. I have to admit that it was like visiting some old friends.


I had an argument with someone that there was a Karate Kid cartoon back in…

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It’s Christmas!

I still love this song and it makes me feel good about Christmas.

Corky Bloom Studio

With Christmas coming up soon, there are tons of Christmas music to get you in the mood. There is one Christmas song that I love, that most people never heard of. It’s called “It’s Christmas” by Andrew. This song has been around for a long time. I love this song because it feels so genuine, but of course the internet saw this song as an easy target for trolling.

I don’t know what Andrew is doing, but he did make an instant classic with heart warming song.

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Roller Rink Fury

Sometimes there are challenges out there that seem to knock you down. You put up a good fight, but it was not enough to beat it. Well, there was a challenge that brought me down to my knees. It weighed on my mind for quite some time. Eventually, I found the courage again to face this challenge. On a Saturday, I  looked in the mirror and saw a man who was ready to put it on the line again. I went to my wife and said “It’s time we hit the roller skate rink, again.”

The last time that I went roller skating, I took some nasty falls. On top of that I was struggling on the roller rink as children seem to be passing me. They were skating with ease, that at times I questioned the fact why was I even trying to do this? With each tumble onto the hardwood floor, my pride was getting battered and bruised. I was done with roller skating. Still, something inside of me couldn’t let this children’s activity conquer me. This time, I was going to bring my wife along. She would be the perfect support that I need. Besides, if I’m going to fail, why not do it in front of my wife.

Heading to the rink, we brought a friend of ours to share our experience. If it was going to be a disaster, why not share the fun. At the rink, I put on my old school roller skate on. I look out to the rink and wonder why I was doing this again. There was no award waiting for me to conquer the rink. All I was doing was putting myself in harm’s way. Then I remember my pride, it needed to be fixed.

Once those wheel of my roller skate touch the hardwood floor, I was off. I thrust my legs forward to push myself along. Sure, I was wobbling with each stride, but I wasn’t going to fall. I kept on pushing forward. Kids did pass me by, showing off their skill at roller skating. I stay focus. All I had in my head was not to fall. At long last, I was able to do one lap without falling. I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I can beat this now.

We spent two hours at the rink and through all that I didn’t fall. I was able to improve at keeping myself steady and increase my speed. For some reason, this was a huge accomplishment. My ego was flying high. Unfortunately, when leaving the rink, I fell pretty hard. I did the most impressive face plant onto the  ground. I didn’t hurt myself, except my pride again. It didn’t help that I had a crowd laughing at me. Still, I did have a fun time roller skating again. I feel next time, I will go through the whole thing without falling down, but who knows.

Giving My Film Pop

I have been editing my short video for a week now and it has been a really interesting process. I have come to the point where I have to do some colour correction. I will say that it is an intimating process, but a process that I find fascinating. In most films, there is a colour process that they use to invoke emotions. It is really fun to learn about it and I did stumble on a few great examples of the process.

Down below I posted some videos that has helped me in learning.

A good video from The Verge on how filmmakers manipulate our emotions using colour.

How to Give Your Video That Cinematic – Color Correction Tutorial

Also here is a great blog from Hurlblog – 7 Tips For HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction