Goal Creating in Isolation

While in isolation, I have been watching a lot of shows on Netflix. Other times, I have been on online getting lost in the countless YouTube videos. My days have been blended into each other. The reason is because I was laid off. After a few days, it got me thinking. This is the perfect time to set some goals.

I started to plan out my 1, 5 and 10 year goals that I want to do. I recently, listen to Dorie Clark. She is a marketing and a strategy consultant. I know that a lot of  these life coaches can be unbearable. I tend to find them a bit of a turn off. What I will say is that some of them do have some great points.

I decided to give Dorie Clark’s philosophy a try. What I like is the planning of monthly goals to reach my yearly goals. This has helped me to focus. It is very easy to do and not a stressful process.

I’m going to share some of my goals but not all. The reason is that they are personal to me.

Year One Goal: I would like to be a multimedia designer in eLearning. I did work on an eLearning program at Football Canada and would like to focus on sports again.

A monthly goal: Learn more about eLearning techniques like gamification which I have been doing.

It is a tiny sample of my goals, but it is a thought out list that I created for myself.

It will be hard trying to follow my goals. At times, it will be frustrating.  As long as I try to accomplish them, I will feel proud of myself.

Getting Some Air

Being locked inside for the past couple of weeks can be tough. There were a few times that I became a little stir crazy. I did go on some walks and I always maintain the social distance from others. Other times, I would sit on my balcony to enjoy the sun. It did help but I really wanted to get out there to do some high impact outdoor activities. With the restrictions easing in my city, I was finally able to play some basketball.

There are still some restrictions for playing basketball outside. I still have to maintain the social distancing order and can’t share the basketball with others. I’m okay with that. As long as I can shoot around, I’m a happy person. Besides, I like going to the basketball court by myself. It helps me to clear my head.

I find basketball to be a great way to help with my cardio, which needs some work. Since basketball is a high impact sport, I benefit from yoga to keep on playing.

I believe getting outside is great mentally and physically. It just happens that basketball helps my state of mind. Once the restrictions ease up in your city, try finding something outside that will help you. Of course, be careful out there.

The song “The Lounge” is created by Bensound

Ink Bleed videos fro Production Crate.

Yoga in Isolation

Some might have noticed that they have been gaining a little weight during the isolation. Maybe you’re eating a little more or have a couple of adult beverages to pass the time. Some people have been calling it the quarantine fifteen. It’s understandable since there isn’t much to do at home. Usually I keep myself busy by playing recreational basketball. Unfortunately, the virus has postponed the season. The one thing that I’m doing to stay fit is yoga…….DDP Yoga.

I downloaded the app and paid for the year subscription. The subscription allows me to use the app on four devices. The features on the app are:

MY PROGRAM – This section has a 13 week schedule of different workouts. There are three different levels. Beginner, Intermediate and Advance.

WORKOUTS – There are many different workouts to choose from. There is no schedule and you  can go about it at your own pace.

TRACKER – This section keeps track of your progress, such as calories burn and weight loss.

NUTRITION – Videos of different recipes that will teach you about healthy eating.

DDP TV – Documentaries of DDP helping people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. 


Yoga to be fit
The Dashboard of DDP Yoga

Personally, I use the “My Program” feature. I like having a weekly schedule to help me strengthen my muscles and improve my flexibility. I found that using the immediate workout schedule, I was able to lose 12 pounds in a month. I will say that I have cut out refine sugar in my diet, which is making a big difference. By doing this workout, I feel great and I will be in great shape for recreational basketball. Whenever that starts.

There are many ways to stay fit during this time. There are free YouTube programs and websites that can help you fight off the pounds. I suggest trying out DDP Yoga or find a program that fits your needs. You have nothing to lose. 

Here is a link to DDP Yoga.

Here is a bio of DDP.

DAREBEE – This is a great website to find a workout for yourself.

One Simple Way to Stay Busy in Self Isolation

Being in quarantine can be a little tough. Some days you feel like you have seen everything on Netflix. We know that is impossible with all the content that they provide. Unfortunately, it feels like that on some days. One thing that I have been doing to help fight off the boredom is doing online courses.

I want to improve myself by learning more in my career. One online course that I use is Lynda.com. I am able to get free access through the Calgary public library. This has been very helpful, especially right now. On Lynda.com, there are many courses that will help improve your skills. Such as Adobe Suite, Auto Cad and Articulate Storyline.

Career Learning Path
You wan to become a manager? There is a course on Lynda.com

Personally, I believe choosing a learning path is the best way to use this site. By choosing a learning path, you will have a selection of courses from industry expert that will teach and inspire you. This has been useful for my career. Also, I have done some learning paths that doesn’t fit into my career, but are interesting topics to learn. Once you finish a learning path, you can post the certificate onto Linkedin and show off your accomplishment.

Learning Path Courses
A step by step of courses to complete your Learning Path

It might be a while before life goes back to normal, but taking an online course might help during our situation. Give Lynda a try or the many free online courses that have now become available. This might be a great opportunity to improve your skills.


Ripples From the Past

It has been awhile since I have written a post. I thought it would be cool just to post the short film that I worked on. It was really a great experience working on this project and I can’t wait for the next one.