Where did the time fly, Myspace.

It’s a big world out there and social media moves at a rapid pace. One needs to stay on top of all the crazy social programs that keeps on popping up. Call me old fashion, but I miss the days when it all moved at a slower pace. You didn’t have to worry about a new social program every month, you stay with one and never had to worry about new one for awhile. I guess what I’m trying to say is I miss the old days of Myspace.

I remember back in the good old days, Myspace was the hip thing to do. When you set up an account Tom Anderson was your first friend to be on your profile. Mark Zuckerberg would never do that, but like I said it was a different time. Once you get comfortable with your profile, you would go out and seek friends.  You would read random people’s bulletin, hoping to make that one connection. All the while, listening to random music that they put up. Most people would call this stalking, but I just called it meeting a new friend one profile at a time. It just felt like the net was much friendlier back then.

Maybe I was living too much in the past and don’t want to accept the change that happen. I guess I have to move forward, but this old dinosaur will always have a special place in his heart for Mysapace. If you were to ask me now to go on Myspace, I would tell you to get with the times.


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All aboard the Instagram train

I like to think that when new apps come out, I’ll download them within a heartbeat. I wouldn’t make judgments on them before I get a little taste of the new app. If I hate it, I’ll just delete it. It is a simple process that takes a little work. Yet, sometimes I don’t live by that statement. Being the age of the internet, anything that is new that comes out, right away we have cynicism towards it and the people who enjoy it. Well, after all these years I finally gave in to Instagram.

I know that a lot of you are thinking that the train has passed and it just hasn’t passed me by once, but passed me by a hundred times. The reason I stay away from Instagram was the fact that everyone was doing it. For me to even think that was  strange because when Facebook came out I was on that train in a second. The more I watched everyone taking pictures of their food, cat and selfies, I felt that I didn’t want to be part of that world.

Soon I started to realize that people were having fun. I was acting like the grumpy old man who hated to see the kids play in his yard. I wanted to be part of the fun and most of my friends had it anyway.  My righteous attitude of being against Instagram was thrown out the window and I can say on August 20, 2014 I now have Instagram.

Now I’m a passenger on the Instagram train. My first picture just happens to be a cup of coffee, but I’m sure I’ll have more pictures on it. I did find some interesting people on Instagram like Riff Raff. You should check him out because I think the guy is hilarious. Now that I feel adventurous, maybe I will take the time to finally watch Titanic.


Here is the link to Riff Raff Instagram.


Here is a link to my Instagram.


I guess yoga isn’t all that bad.

Like most people, I like to go out with friends and have a good time.  Maybe we’ll have some beers and talk about the going on in our lives. The thing that people use to do before twitter. Now to combat the beers and the fatty pub foods, I go to the gym to work out and also play recreational sports.  This has helped me to stay fit, so I thought. Playing flag football a while back, I manage to pull my hamstring. The pain was unbearable as if I got hit in the crotch with a sledge hammer. I had to rest up for a couple of weeks, but I started to realize certain things about myself. Like the fact that father time is catching up to me. I thought my workouts were slowing it down, but that was not the case. The injury open my eyes to what would become a normal thing if I play intense sports. Then one day I discovered something that was able to hold back the hands of time. It was yoga.

My feeling about yoga is that it lame. I don’t want to mediate and say Namaste. I saw yoga as some new age hippie thing that would require me to give up meat and dance in the sun with my arms waving about. A friend suggested a yoga program that I should use to help with the hamstring. The program focuses more on aerobic exercise which I like. I agreed and began doing yoga at home. I wanted to do this at home because I don’t want anyone to see me doing downward dog or as I struggle to do one of the warrior poses.  What I started to realize is yoga was tougher than I thought. I was shaking so bad because I was using muscles that I didn’t know that I had. All this time I thought I was weigh training those muscles, but I was wrong.

I was beginning to think that I was going to lose this battle, but day after day, I kept on pushing through the yoga program. Then something strange began to happen, my muscle was beginning to become stronger. I had more strength especially in my core and I was slowly becoming more flexible. I can’t remember the last time I could bend like I can now. Also, I was able to strength my hamstring and push aside the hands of father time.

To this day I still do yoga, but I don’t do that Namaste stuff. I find that I feel younger and stronger by keeping up with my program. Playing sports, I don’t get injured as easily which is a good thing. Another thing that came out of doing yoga is I’m able to keep my weight down. This has been a blessing since I like to have beers with my close friends. In the end, the real battle isn’t with sport injuries, but with the dreaded beer gut.

If you are in Ottawa here is a pub to check out. I know it defeats the purpose of the blog.

James Street Pub


Summertime Procrastination

Summertime is such a wonderful time of year. It is the perfect time to sit out on a patio and relax with a nice cold beer. The rays of the sun hitting you, giving a sense of relaxation and a warm tingling feeling on your skin.  This is the time of year I really want to do nothing and that when procrastination rears its ugly head.

I know that a lot of people suffer from procrastination, especially in the summertime. Personally for me, this is when my procrastination kicks it into high gear. I just want to relax and not do a thing. Hell, I wish I was sitting on a beach chair and looking out to the ocean. The reality is that I have to sit in an office and do work for my client. Still looking out the window and seeing the rays of light can be tempting to shut everything down.

Now I did go through all the help advice online to try and find a solution to end my procrastination. I did find a few that really did help me battle against procrastination. The thing that I discovered about myself is when I think about the steps to my goal, I sometimes feel that the process is long and I might lose interest. I can say now that I improve that process and I continue to challenge myself every day.

I know that everyone procrastinate, it is just part of our DNA. Still, I’m proud of trying to make an effort to make myself much more productive. Still, I can’t get the picture out of my head of sitting on a beach with a cold drink and looking out to the ocean.

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I love me some Red Blacks!

I always felt that there was something missing in the city of Ottawa. The summer months can be boring and extremely hot. For me, this would lead to pent up energy that I would need to release. Then on July 18, 2014, football came back to the nation’s capital with its new team the Red Blacks. This was the outlet that I needed to release the energy that I had inside.  The best part is they didn’t disappoint.

Heading down to Lansdowne Park, you could feel the energy. Each block that I walked by the crowd would increase and the anticipation would build. Once I arrive at Lansdowne Park, the first place I went to was the Cow Palace. That is where they were holding a tailgate party to show their appreciation to the fans. At the party, there was live music where you can have an adult beverage or two to cool off in the sun. On a personal note, I may have gone well above two beverages, but it was worth it. It was coming close to kickoff, so I had to rush to my seat. Fighting my way through the crowd, I was able to get to my seat on the north side. After waiting for a bit, the Red Blacks step onto the field. The crowd erupted with excitement. The sight of seeing our team back in Ottawa was a feeling of gratification. The team responded to the fans’ energy. The battle with Toronto was a nail biter and it came down to a field goal, to see the Red Blacks win. After the game there was more partying going on back at the Cow Palace. The party went late into the night, but who wouldn’t want to celebrate a victory like that. The whole experience was amazing.

It was good to see the city of Ottawa celebrate the return of football. It was something that was missing for way too long. The Red Blacks are a team that we should be proud of and I can’t wait till the next game to cheer them on, while having some adult beverages to cool off in the sun.