Poor Kitty: A Cat First Ride On A Plane

To earn someone trust is an amazing thing. They know that they could count on you for anything. Just knowing the fact that people rely on you can be comforting. What happens when you lose that trust, you have no way of communicating about how to fix the world that is crushing down on both of you.  This has happened to me, when I brought my cat onto a plane.

I have to admit that taking a pet on a plane wasn’t a big deal to me. People told me horror stories, but I thought it was crazy talk. Once I arrive to get my ticket, they told me that they over booked my flight. I was furious since I bought my ticket way in advance. They told me I would have to take another flight, which had two stops. I bought a direct flight to make the trip easier for the cat, but that was thrown out the window. All I could do is look at my cat in her carrier case as I felt so bad for her. She was scared and burying her face to hide. I started to think that someone hated me upstairs.

I was dreading the fact of going through security with the cat. I get nervous going through security because of the fact I have to rush to get my shoes and belt off, while putting all my junk in the plastic bin. Now I have a cat with me that was skittish around crowds.  I was ready to accept my faith of this ending terribly, but the cat had other plans. I took her out of her carrier case and she didn’t run or move. She scanned the area while they checked her carrier case. Once I got back the carrier case she rushed back inside to hide away from everyone. I was guessing now she was building rage towards me for this experience.

Once getting on the plane, I had a feeling that Karma was going to bite me in the butt. I was changing the whole world of my cat and it only seems right for something to happen to me. On the plane, I got to my seat and put the cat underneath. The engines of the plane began to roar and I assume the cat would start meowing, but she was quiet. It is as if she was enjoying the flight or she is just accepting her fate. On our second flight, she was still quiet and didn’t make a sound or even pissed in the carrier. The cat was a champ. For me it was different. I was stuck between two huge guys that I had to fight for arm rest room. It was a four hour epic battle that I lost. When I tried to watch a movie, my headphones didn’t work at all. To make it worse, in my view of where I was sitting someone was watching Transformer 4. I just watched that with no sound and it felt like slow torture. Karma bites me in the butt and the cat had scored a victory.

I finally got the cat safe to our location without a hitch. The cat is with my wife right now and I’m back home packing everything for our move. I wish I could really know what was going on in the cat’s head while she was going through her first flight experience. I do have an idea. That night we arrive, she ended up peeing on one of my shirts. I’m guessing I’m not her favourite person right now, but it will change when she needs me to feed her. God, you have to love animals.


When she was happy.



This is after her flight.



Of late I have been listening to this singer named Elliphant. Really enjoy her style of music, which get me pumped while I work or exercise. She has collaborated with Diplo who I think is an amazing DJ. You should give Elliphant a try.


How The Heck Did I Miss Steps?

A big move is coming into my life, and I’m packing up all my stuff to move across country.  I have been listening to Songza to soothe the torture of packing my stuff up. Of course I decided to listen to cheesy pop music to try to keep me sane.  Like a punch to my face, a song came on that caught my attention. When I looked at the screen, it was Chain Reaction by Steps. At that moment I wonder who the hell is Steps and why am I just learning about them now?

I was curious to know about this group called Steps. I looked them up and found out that they were a five member band from England, which consist of Claire Richards, Faye Tozer, Lisa Scott-Lee, Ian “H” Watkins and Lee Latchford-Evans. They sold 20 million albums worldwide and they tour with Brittney Spears. Still, I couldn’t understand why I never heard of them. Their tunes have an ABBA pop vibe that is catchy. Their dance moves could be done by anyone and that includes my grandmother.  All these factors are what I like in pop music. The problem with this group is they never caught on in North America, we were too busy with Backstreet Boys, Nysnc  and Brittney. There was no more room for Steps brand of music. I not ashamed to admit this, but it saddens me that I missed the train for this group.

Music is always going to have some hidden gems that I will miss. I know  I would of had a blast listening to their music and forcing it upon anyone. Also, it took me away from packing which I didn’t mind. Now I need to know why I never heard of Daphne and Celeste.


Cleanse your palate and listen to Chain Reaction by Steps.

Hot Gravy, Cheese Curds and Fries to get the Blood Pumping.

Gravy, fries and cheese curds are a recipe for awesomeness. Put all these ingredients  together and you get a meal called a poutine.  It might look like a mess, yet it tastes so good. But what happens when some bold people decide to change up the formula to the poutine. What you end up with is an event called Poutine Fest.

Once I heard about Poutine Fest, I thought of it as a lame way to ride the coat tails of Rib Fest. BBQ ribs is an art form. From creating the sauce, right down to BBQing the ribs at the perfect temperature. Which brings me to the point of what can you really do with a poutine?  Well, Poutine Fest put in my place. The vendors were some of the most creative people that could do more to a poutine than I could. Different meats were being used, along with different types of gravy which included cheese sauce. One vendor used ramen noodles instead of fries. Since I live with a vegetation, I was going for poutine with a lot of meat in it. Like a sun ray bursting through the clouds, the one called the ultimate poutine grabbed my attention. It was fries, topped off with popcorn chicken, shredded beef and bacon. They sprinkle it with cheese curds and pour gravy all over it. It was so good that I became change man. I now see the art in Poutine.

That day I punished my heart, but treated my taste buds to something amazing. Now I appreciate Poutine Fest, before I would mock it, but now it opens my eyes to some creative people. If you are ever in Ottawa and the Festival is going on, check it out. Just be prepared to take some years off your life.

Click on the picture to get a good look at the ultimate poutine.

Ultimate Poutine

Raccoons always win.

Nature has a funny way of kicking me right in the crotch. Being fall, this usually means that the leaves will change colours, the autumn breeze will start to chill us right to the bones and this will signal the sign that winter is coming. As luck would have it, my fall is the start of a battle with a family of raccoons.

Now I know that urban raccoon can be quite troublesome.  These little critters are crafty as they hunt for their food to survive. I never thought much about raccoons until they decided to make my garbage their next meal. Thus began our battle. These raccoons would knock down my garbage can and rip the bags apart, trying to search for food. The mess was unbearable and a pain in my ass to clean. I thought I would be smart and get a garbage can with locks on it. At first it kept them at bay as they would knock the garbage can down, but nothing would come out. Soon they came up with a plan, the raccoons chew the locks off to get it open. They got their food and to pour salt in my wounds, one of them made sure to leave me a surprise next to the shredded garbage bags. Now I’m going to move from that place. It may seem like it because of the raccoons, but it is for a totally different reason. Yet, something inside of me thinks that the raccoons won our little battle.

For the next people that move in, I hope that they don’t have to go through the misery of dealing with the family of raccoons. It was a never ending battle, which had me losing all of the time. The funny thing is I am kind of going to miss those little buggers.

A great article about urban raccoons.


I wish the raccoons were more like this.