My First Calgary Stampede And I Love It

Ever since my wife and I moved to Calgary, I was told if I was going to do one thing in this city, I have to go to the Calgary Stampede. It seems that everyone that we spoke to kept on telling us that. The crazy thing was that we were told this when we move here back in December. I was getting the idea that this was something that the city took pride in and I was going to have to check it out for sure. The months went by, as the city was slowly getting ready for this event. Businesses would have graphics or signs on their windows to reflect the upcoming Stampede. There was an excitement that was growing for this event. So this week, my wife and I finally embarked on a journey to the Calgary Stampede.

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What you need to know about the Calgary Stampede is it a ten day annual event. This event showcases rodeo exhibition, concerts, agricultural competitions and other fun stuff. The idea that you get from this event is it deals with agriculture, but it has become more modern over the years.

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The first thing we had to do was pick up some cowboy hats. I wanted to fit in with the theme of the Stampede, so not having cowboy hats would be plain nuts. Also with the heat being a factor that day, the hats helped out a lot. Now that we had our hats to represent, we hit the Stampede grounds. That afternoon that we went,  there were a lot of people. It was as if people took the day off from work just to go to the Stampede. The lineup was insane, it made thankful that we prepaid for our tickets.

Once inside, the first thing that caught my eyes were the food trucks. Being a guy who loves to eat, I had to explore this vast world of food. There were so many crazy types of food you can choose from like bacon jalapeno cheese on a stick, footling pizza dog and many more wacky stuff. It was a foodie paradise or a fat man’s dream. What I happen to eat was a jumbo dog with fried onions, bacon, Japanese mayo and a fried egg. Let just say that the first bite was like going to heaven, even if I was shorting my life by five years. It was all worth it.

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After eating our meals, we went to the midway to go on some rides. It only makes sense to go on rides on a full stomach. I will stay that my wife and I didn’t get sick on any rides, which was fortunate.  Yet, this didn’t help me with my fear of carnival rides. My fear comes from the fact that these rides never look sturdy. I will still go on the rides, but I will look for the most secure thing to hold on to. The people running the rides looked professional and not your regular carny. That did put me at ease a bit. I will admit that I did have fun on the rides, even if it felt like they were only two minutes long. I guess it was the only way to accommodate the big crowds. The one ride that I regret not going on is the haunted mansion.  I know it’s a lame ride that has the most cheesy monster effects. It also didn’t help to see the lack of enjoyment on the riders’ faces once the ride was done. I understand that this a lame ride, but I have such fond memories going on it.

We didn’t spend our time just going on rides. We did see some animals and check out the free live shows. I will say that the Canon lady show was really impressive. Taking in all the free shows and walking around, my throat was beginning to become parched.  It was time to enjoy some alcohol beverages and recoup from the day. We did find a nice little place to drink called the Tiki hut. People were unwinding and having a good time. Of course, there were a few people that were tipsy, but never once did we feel uncomfortable. People were there to have a good time.

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For our first Stampede, my wife and I had a great time. Next time for sure we will go to the rodeo events to really get the true experience. The pictures that we sent our friends on Facebook did get some of them intrigue about coming to the Calgary Stampede. I guess our place will become the Holiday Inn next year. Overall, I’m really glad that I got to go to the Stampede and I’m already looking forward to next year.

The Real Kick That I Needed.

This past week I had the opportunity to work on the set of a television production. I will admit that it was a lot of work, the hours were long, but I loved it. I had the chance to learn so much about the hustle of getting a television show ready for the network. This is something that I want to do and it reaffirms my passion for it. On the show there were three people that have lived some interesting lives. The show puts in perspective how uncontrollable circumstance can change a person.  It also made me realize that life is too short to not be doing what you want to do.

I found that sometimes I might get in that habit where my comfort zone is the place that I want to stay in. Sure, I’ll that have spur of the moments where I’ll do something that I never expected to do. Once I finish that task, I’m back in that comfort zone, not wanting to do anything else until I get that urge. When I met these three  people on set, they had a disability that happens to change their life. They did go through some hardship, but they challenged themselves each and every day. They didn’t let their disability stop them from enjoying life to its fullest.  On the show they did some incredible things that actually made my jaw drop.  Watching them really open my eyes to the world. When I would talk to them, the positive that they sent out was mind blowing. I will admit that I would be a bitter person. Yet, these people move so far past that, that it made me reflect on my own life.

I know there is a lot of shows that are like this, but meeting the people in person made me think different. I realize that I’m not pushing myself at my fullest capability. There is so much that I want to do, yet I kind of put it on the back burn until that desire start to come through. I feel that I shouldn’t wait to do the things that I want to do, instead I should just take that step and just do it. It sounds so simple, but the crazy thing it is.

Now, I’m working on some projects that I really want to do. They are taking me out of my comfort zone, which is perfect. Sure, it gives me a little scare sometimes knowing that I’m doing something that new to me. Still, I love the challenge of it. It shows to me that taking big risks is something that I can do. I would not have put myself into that mind space if it wasn’t for those three people that showed me the way. I want to thank them for opening up my mind and every new thing that I do is a dedicated to them.